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Before you start

Installation wallpaper tools
Tools you will need to install 

 • Clean cloth 
• Utility knife 
• Level or Laser 
• Measuring tape 
• Plastic Smoother 
• Straight edge as a cutting guide 
 • Clear wallpaper adhesive 
(We love using Roman PRO 880)
Wall Preparation 

• Make sure the surface is perfectly smooth by repairing any holes and bumps with a repair patch kit. Let dry and sand. 

 • Wall must be cleaned, primed/painted and totally dry prior installation
Key Tips

• Each panel is numbered on the top. Check all the panels and place it by the order before installation. 

 • Change the blade often during the process, and keep your knife straight (while cutting a double seam ) for a better result.

How to Install a Custom Mural

Step 1

• Unroll the mural and layout the panels according to the number on the top left corner. 

• Determine the panels order to install. If you are planning to cover the entire wall, we recommend starting in a corner.
Step 2

• Measure the panels with a measuring tape 

• Mark all of your panels on your wall using a pencil. Use a laser or level to archive a perfect vertical line. 

• Roll each panel backward for easier installation.
Step 3

• Apply clear wallpaper adhesive on the wall working on each strip at a time. 

• Unroll the first panel on the wall from top to bottom installing mural according to the marked line. Let approx. 1 in. of mural extra on the top in case the ceiling is uneven.

• Gently adjust the panel with your hands from the middle to the sides following the marked line. 

• Smooth the panels using a plastic smoother. Start in the middle to the borders to eliminate air bubbles.
Step 4

• Repeat those steps for the second panel installing it with approx. 1-inch overlap. 

• Make sure to adjust each strip until achieving a perfect match of all of the image elements before continuing.
• Make a double-cut through both layers at the same time using your straight edge and the utility knife 

• Carefully trim top and bottom of your mural with a sharp blade. 

• Continue the same steps on the following strips.
Step 5

• Clean any excess of glue on the mural or wall with a wet clean cloth.
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