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Bouquete of Pink Peonies Wallpaper Mural

SKU: 730189108

The natural beauty that we can appreciate in the flowers is indisputable, its great variety of sizes and shapes give us an idea of how immensely creative Mother Earth can be. In addition, their bright colors cause pleasant sensations, just what we need in our homes.
To this we can sum up the feminine and elegant touch that the mural of bouquets of pink peonies shows us, with its pinkish colors giving us a unique and beautiful feeling. This floral set is enlarged in an eye-catching and detailed way so that we can appreciate the delicacy of the creation of nature.

Perfect for living rooms, this mural will give the coquettish touch for meetings with your friends. It also fits ideally if you are the owner of a flower shop or a coffee shop, your customers will feel a pleasant and lovely change of atmosphere.