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Sun Rays Through the Forest Wallpaper Mural

SKU: 98968412

Getting up each morning to a drab, gray environment can be overwhelming and takes away the excitement of waking up every day. The daily routine can take a lot of mental and physical energy from our bodies and the worst part is we don't even realize it! We need something that renews us every morning, something that when viewing it will gives us a warm feeling of encouragement and well-being.

This is when the majestic forest with sunlight through it enters. We can enjoy the wonderful silhouettes of the trees being drawn by the rays of light coming from that magnificent sun. In addition, the mist gives a calming, peaceful and well-being sensation, excellent to start the day.

A beautiful mural that matches any corner of the home, from the bedroom to the main room. Also ideal for forming meditative environments and study scenes.